Waruno Mahdi

An Evening at Heppenheim an der Bergstaße
(November 11,  2014)

After having given a talk at the Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Ostasien-studien (IZO) of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main in the afternoon of Tuesday, November 11, 2014, I was invited out for dinner by my host Holger Warnk.
     He drove me with his car to the late mediæval township of Heppenheim an der Bergstraß (see emblem top right), which is located about halfway between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. There we had a delicious meal at the tapas restaurant “Empanada” right on the market square (see picture 3 below).
     I was particularly impressed by the beautifully restored mediæval style buildings. Although it was pretty late in the evening, I risked taking photographs in the dark. Thanks to the good street lighting, I managed to get some relatively good shots with my cheap camera.
— Click on the pictures for enlargement —
  Left: This is the St Peter's church on the highest point of the town.     
1. View to the east from the market place. St Peters church is just visible in the left background. The red-and-whte building is the town hall.. 2. View to South-Southeast from the same market place. the town hall is on the left side.
Opposite the town hall on the North-Northwest side of the market place are these two buildings. The one on the right houses the “Empanada” tapas restaurant, where we had dinner.

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