Sun, 24 Jun 2001 09:01:47 +1200 
Mike Subritzky's reply to my comment on his 
letter in the NZ Herald of 14 Feb. 2001.
(See also subsequent note below.

Salam Waruno/NZ Herald Editor,
I have just read on the internet your published reply to *******'s attack on my letter to the NZ Herald dated 14 February 2001, which you also replied to in a later copy of the Herald.
(here: )
Quite frankly your internet article is exactly what I was referring to when I wrote my letter to the editor of the New Zealand Herald. Chinese women and young Chinese boys have (very recently) been raped in Indonesia and the perpertrators of these horrendous crimes are well known to various government officials, who have to date sat on their hands. You admit this yourself in your second paragraph.
I have no problem with the Indonesian people, I am a New Zealand writer/poet and was asked to write something that was hard hitting and would draw discussion, hence the way my letter of 14 February was framed.
The New Zealand Peacekeeper, Private Leonard Manning who was recently murdered in East Timor, by Indonesian Special Forces (dressed in Indonesian SF camoflage) was a friend of my own son, and he is not the only New Zealander murdered with Indonesian government approval. Please do not forget the New Zealand journalist murdered in the cemetary, or the other 5 journalists (Australian and British) murdered in 1975. These crimes will not go away and we in New Zealand hold Indonesia accountable. The same thing goes for the Chinese familes who are being returned to Indonesia by our weak Labour Government.
The New Zealand Herald was not lusting for a story as you intimate in your published article, and I am not employed by them, I am simply a concerned New Zealand citizen.
Mike Subritzky

Sun, 1 Jul 2001 09:31:10 +1200 
You are most welcome to publish my letter on your website, and I will try and hunt down a copy of your published letter. If I can assist you with your struggle against the oppressive and corrupt military government please do let me know how.
I do not dislike or hate either Indonesians or Moslems, it was the fanatics in the government that I was referring to. In fact I have Moslem friends and I am in no doubt that we pray to the sa[me] Almighty, the God of Abraham.
Mike Subritzky
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