This year we had exceptionally sunny weather. This is perhaps the reason why we are having such a beautifully golden autumn. Here some pictures I took where live in North Neukölln, where I work in West Lichterfelde, and on the way from the one to the other by bike or by subway and cityrail.
Around home
On the way I
On the way II
Around office

The immediate neigborhood of where I live:

Around where I live:

On September 21, officially the first day of autumn, the trees in the street where I live began getting yellow leaves, and even already dropping some of them onto the street (left picture).
Forty days later (October 31), the trees had just abut lost all their leaves (right picture).
The leaves were now on the street and sidewalk. All three pictures below were taken on Saturday, October 27.
View to the left from my doorstep of our flat building. Our house master is very diligent, clearing the sidewalk every day. but see in front of the neighboring house. View to the right from the drive of our flat building. The sidewalk has been cleared before the neighboring house on that side too. Further to the right in the same block, the leaves remain lying undisturbed, except where they made way for pedestrians walking the sidewalk.

The way between home and work — I;  near the former:

The median of Fontane Promenade seen from Südstern to north-northeast,
— Saturday, November 17 —
View from the southeast towards Südstern which has a church in the middle of it,
— Saturday, November 10 —
View from the cityrail (S-Bahn) line S1 station “Yorckstraße” to the north.
— Friday,November 9 —
Many thanksto the headman of the work team for allowing me to leave the platform to make the photos on the right and below.
Above: view from the same station northeastwards over a construction area onto Gleisdreieck Park in the distance — Friday, November 9.
View from the east along Yorckstraße as it passes through a series of trestles (see airview further down).
— Friday, November 17 —
View to northeast along the median of the eastern boulevard section of Yorckstraße.
— Friday, November 17 —
Peering upwards from the Yorckstraße while it passes under almost a dozen trestles (see lower right quarter of the air view image below). The right-most half dozen trestles are relicts without rails — Friday, November 2.
View from the west into Yorckstraße as it passes through the S1 cityrail and further trestles.
— Friday, November 8 —
View from the west into the pedestrian tunnel with south entrance to the cityrail station.
— Saturday, November 4 —
View southwards from the eastside (November 2, above left) and westside (November 10, above right) platform of the cityrail line S1 station “Yorckstraße”.
Ivy-covered building front in Kulmer Straße.
— Sunday, November 11 —
View from the northeastern side of Julius-Leber-Brücke viaduct onto the cityrail station of the same name.
— Saturday, October 27 —

The way between home and work — II;
near the latter:

View fromcityrail station “Feuerbachstraße” towards the north.
— Sunday,November 11 —
  The Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz on a sunny Sunday, October 28. 
Left: a weeping willow all in gold when seen from the east (but greener on the other).
Below: view onto the square from the west and southwest respectively.
View eastwards into Wilhelmshöher Straße from Adam-Kuckhoff-Platz.
— Friday, October 26 —
View north along Südwestkorso to the mouth of Lorcher Straße. View to northwest from Schorlemmer Allee.
— — Sunday,November 11 — —
Corner between im Dol (sic, on the left) and Miquelstraße (in front, rightwards).
Knesebeckstraße near the cityrail station “Lichterfelde-West”.
— Sunday, October 21 —
View from the subway (U-Bahn) station “Thielplatz” to the northeast.
— Sunday, November 11 —
From Otto-von-Simsonstraße near Thielallee northwards.
— Monday, November 5 —
Southern side of Hittorf- straße near Thielallee.
— Friday, October 26 —
Thielallee bend across from Habelschwerdter Allee.
— Thursday, November 8 —
View to westnorthwest across Corrensplatz.
— Monday, November 2 —

Around the Institute office building where I work:

Roadside of Hittorfstraße left and right as it approaches Faradayweg from the northeast.
— Monday, November 5 —
View across the middle Thielpark from the west eastwards — Sunday, November 11. View across the southern Thielpark from the east westwards — Thursday, November 8. View into Triestpark from Thielallee eastwards — Thursday, November 8.
The Institute officebuilding seen from :
left:the northeast — Wed., Nov. 7;
right:the WSW — Sun., Oct. 28;
below left:from the east; and
below right:southsoutheast,
both on Sunday,October 21.
Parkinglot of the FU Chemie & Biochemie, from which the above photo had been made two and a half weeks earlier.
— Thu.,November 8 —

Southern Thielpark panorama seen from the direction of the institute: