Waruno Mahdi      

Taking part at the conference

“Digital Disruption in Asia” at hortus botanicus, Leiden

May 24–25, 2016
(click here to access my presentation)        
Participating in the conference, the ambience of the location fascinated me no less than the many very interesting contributions.
Northwestwards view onto the Oranjerie,
the location of the main sessions.
Panoramic eastwards view of the garden. The glass house on the left is the Tuinkamer,
the location of some of the panels, including the one in which I made my presentation.
  Inside the Tuinkamer :
left — ground-floor view behind the entrance;     right — bird’s eye view onto the first-floor terrace, with the panel-meeting room in the background.
My presentation
photos by:
Tom Hooger-
conference photographer
Dinner at the restaurant Sumatra House on the evening of the 24th.
In the back, sitting to my right, is Jacky Hicks who organised the conference.    

Ans van Haersolte (1911 - 1991)

“The Four Centuries”

contributed by the wives of
Leiden professors and lecturers
on the occasion of the fourth centennial of the
Leiden University - 21 May 1975

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