natural, seminatural, & unnatural

COLOURS in the City
(and in the Suburbs)
— May8-12,  2013 —
The first week of May was quite warm this year, so the trees burst with colorful foliage and blossoms. Taking photo snapshots while cycling or strolling along, I soon became aware that the colours of nature were not only in full combat with the artificial, they were in fact deeply infiltrating one another.
Are the colours of blossoms natural, when nursery-grown flower trees are artistically planted in parks and gardens? And what if they then grow wild, like the colorful brush below-right?
Above-left: grass and (dandelion) weeds are gradually creeping up to a neglected flowerbed; above-right: an artist could not bear the sight of the electric box which did not stay hidden behind the frail bush.
Below: humans do the darndest things to compete with the colours of nature. Those flowers on the shop counter with colour-glass are artificial, of course; far-right: the boy and girl in red and yellow dyed shirts compete with the bright orange parasol, but the winner is ... the crimson mullet !
How pale those white blossoms look, in the foreground.
Above & below: There are so many ways to apply colours artificially to compete with the natural. But however ugly graffiti do appear, are they not the consequence of the sprayer’s mind being subconsciously guided by some force of nature?
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