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My Curriculum Vitae


  BOGOR 1943--46
1943 Born in Bogor, West Java, Japanese-occupied Indonesia, on May the 25th.
1945 Indonesia proclaims its independence, father joins the independence movement, Bogor is occupied by British troops. 
  SINGAPORE 1946--48
1946 Father gets task to represent Bank Indonesia in Singapore: by train to Tegal, Central Java, via Dutch occupied Jakarta, and Indonesian-held countryside; then by tongkang boat through the Dutch sea blockade to Singapore. 
  BANGKOK 1948--50
1948 Father opens office as Representative of Indonesia in Bangkok; we follow by plane to Bangkok.
1950 1st grade, Anglo-American School, Bangkok. 
  BEIJING 1951--54
1950 Father gets task to open Indonesian Embassy in Beijing (Peking): by plane to Hongkong;
1951 with the MS Hupeh to Tianjin (Tientsin), then by train to Beijing.
1951-54 2nd - 6th grade, Sacred Heart School, Beijing
(I jumped a grade) 
  BOGOR 1954--56
1954 Father's posting in Beijing is over. By train to Guangzhou (Canton) via Shanghai, cross-over to Hongkong, then with the MS Tjiwangi to Tanjung Priok, and by car to Bogor.
1954-56 1st - 3rd grade, SMP Budi Mulia, Bogor 
  QUIDDENHAM 1956--57
1956 Father gets posting in Moscow, we go to Europe: By car to Jakarta, by plane to Rome, by car to Milan and Parma where my Uncle John Mahdi had business to attend to; by plane to Paris where my uncle Tjoei Darusman was ambassador; by plane to London, by car to Quiddenham by Norwich.
1956-57 Eccles Hall School, Quiddenham. 
  MOSCOW 1957--69
1957 By train to Harwich, with the ferry to Hoek van Holland, and by train to The Hague where my Aunt Maggie Fekkes lived, and my mother temporarily hired a flat; by plane to Moscow.
1957-60 8th - 10th grade and end-exams at the Middle School No. 1 Sokolniki, Moscow:
click to see my Maturity Diploma (Аттестат Зрелости)
1960-65 Student at the Moskovskii Himiko-Tehnologiceskii Institut imeni Mendeleeva [Mendeleyev Institute of Chemical Technology Moscow] (presently Rossiiskii Himiko-Tehnologiceskii Universitet imeni Mendeleeva), Faculty of Organic chemistry, specialisation in technology of synthetic dyestuffs.
1961 Parents return to Indonesia.
1961 By train to Hamburg and back via Hannover, student job at a manometer factory in Hamburg (first self-earned money).
1962-63 By plane to Kemayoran, Jakarta, and back, to be home in Bogor for Christmas and New Year. This was the last time I was in Indonesia up to the year 2000.
1965 Defend masters thesis:
              Исследование комплексообrазования и aбсорпционных спектров изомерных бrом- и йодобензол-(1-aзо-1')-нафтолов-2"
(Investigation of complexformation and of absorption spectra of isomeric bromo- and iodobenzene-(1-azo-1')-naphthols);
click to see my Masters Diploma
1965-67 Doctoral student (aspirant) at same institute, interrupted for non-scientific reasons.
1966 In the aftermath to the abortive revolt of 1965 in Indonesia, I sign declaration form of loyalty to the President of Indonesia as provided and recommended by the military attaché of the Indonesian Embassy (click here to see the original document).
1966 The president is arrested by the military, the embassy and military attache cross over to the new rulers; I refuse to back out from my signed loyalty declaration, and join the opposition.
1967 Indonesian Embassy declares my passport invalid and orders return to Indonesia for further process. I remain as exilee. Join income- sharing cooperative of some fellow exilees.
1968 I refuse to join the organization for Indonesian exilees in the USSR, which was associated with the "Overseas Committee" of the Indonesian communist party (pro-Moscow); associate with pro-China wing of Indonesian exilees (this protected against charges of being anticommunist, while permitting evasion of pro-Moscow activities).
1969 I was told I was undesirable in Moscow, and could choose between eviction and a position in a city where I could not influence my compatriots. I accept the latter option. 
  VORONEZH 1969--77
1969 By train to Voronezh; I was the only Indonesian here.
1969-70 Post-graduate trainee at Chemical Faculty, Voronezhskii Gosudarstvennii Universitet [Voronezh State University].
Main tasks:
synthesis of organic compounds.
1969-76 Approach local Vietnamese (student) community to escape isolation; my pro-China reputation earns me being taken up practically as associate member of Vietnamese community.
1970 After some months of unemployment, piece-work (akkord) labourer unloading cement from railway cars.
1970-76 Chemical Engineer at the central research lab of the Voronezhskii Zavod Sinteticheskogo Kauchuka imeni Kirova (Kirov Synthetic Rubber Plant, Voronezh). Main tasks: infrared spectrophotometric analysis of air-sensitive metallo-organic compounds.
1972-76 Independent linguistic studies specializing in Austronesian and other languages of Southeast Asia, historical phonology of Malagasy.
1976 Deterioration of Vietnamo-Chinese relations leaves me without “alibi” for declining to join pro-Moscow exilee organization; learn that there was no pasport control when entering West Berlin; apply for exit visa outside of non-valid pasport. 
  BERLIN (WEST) 1977--...
1977 By train to Moscow and, after applying for and getting transit visas outside pasport for Poland and East Germany, by train to West Berlin.
1977 Apply in West Berlin for political asylum.
1977 Work one month as night watchman for private security company Wachschutz Berlin.
1977-78 Work as chemical worker at J.A. Meyer Chemische Fabrik, Berlin.
Main tasks:
preparing detergent mixtures in semi-industrial scale.
1978-.. Work as technical assistent in the Department for Physical Chemistry, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin;
click to see my employment contract.
Main tasks:
1978-88 preparation of (air-sensitive) metallo-organic samples for low-temperature X-ray structure analysis;
1982-88 programming and software maintenance;
1988-97 operating experimental ammonia synthesis installation, computational and graphic processing of data, website maintenance in the group for heterogeneous catalysis;
1997-02computer-graphics and website maintenance for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) research group.
2002-08after the STM group moved to München: directly subordinated to the Department of Physical Chemistry, doing computer-graphics, text corrections and translation, and website maintenance.
2008-..since my official retirement as of June 1st, part-time employment at the same Department, thanks to support by former director of the Department, Gerhard Ertl.
-2018-On the 40th anniversary of my employment, I receive a congratulatory document from the President of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft;
click to see the congratulatory document..
1978-.. Resume free-time commitment to linguistic studies, particularly Austronesian historical linguistics, Southeast-Asian comparative linguistics, history of Indonesian Malay with culture-historical aspect.
1987 An innocent-looking red skin-irritation (circular, with a satellite) that disappeared by itself in two weeks time, proved 15 years later (by blood test) to have been a borreliosis (Lyme disease) infection caused by the bite of a tick; all my health complaints ensuing from the infection in that period were put off by the doctor as “psychosomatic”.
1994 Inspite of my refugee status (the consular receptionist spoke of a “trouble pasport”), I was given a visa for India (after convincing the Indian Consul General that I was a follower of former President Sukarno), to take part in the “World Archaeological Congress — 3”, New Delhi. This was the first time I was outside Europe since 1963.
1994 Also take part in the 7th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (7 ICAL) at the KITLV in Leiden, the Netherlands. 
1996 Accepted for external doctoral exam at the Universität Hamburg; begin preparing doctor thesis: “High and Low Malay in the Formation of Indonesian: A Study into the Relationship between Language and Culture in a Historical Perspective” (but my deteriorating working capability in consequence of the Lyme disease unfortunately prevented me from fulfilling this task) 
2000 Become citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany.
From this time on, I could again freely travel all over the world. 
2000 Thanks to my German pasport, I was able to accompany the body of my father (who passed away in the Netherlands) to Indonesia where I was for the first time since 1963, and attend his funeral there. 
2001 Take part in the 5th International Symposium on Malay / Indonesian Lenguiatics (5-ISMIL) in Leipzig, Germany. 
2002 Take part in the colloquium “German-speaking scholarship and the Malay world” in Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. 
2002 Visit the United States, taking part in the “54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies” in Washington D.C., also giving talks at Yale Univ. in New Haven (CT), and at Cornell Univ. in Ithaca (NY). I had never been in America before. 
2003 Take part in the 7th International Symposium on Malay / Indonesian Lenguiatics (7-ISMIL) in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen), the Netherlands. 
2004 Take part in the:
•  “Lokakarya Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia” (workshop on Indonesian language and literature) in Frankfurt am Main;
•  “Lokakarya Terjemahan Naskah Tanjung Tanah” (workshop on translation of the Tanjung Tanah manuscript) at the Universitas Indonesia in Depok, Indonesia: the first time I had the opportunity to apply my acquired expertise on native soil, my country of birth. 
2006 Take part in the Workshop “From Distant Tales — Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Highlands of Sumatra” at the Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Berlin Free University. 
2009 Take part in the:
•  11th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (11 ICAL) in Aussois, France;
•  Conference “Ancient Indian Ocean Corridors” at the School of Archaeology, Oxford University. 
2010 Take part in the:
•  Seminar “Trade and Finance in the Malay World: Historical and Cultural Perspectives” at the Goethe University of Frankfurt (Main);
•  Conference “Revisiting the work of Renward Brandstetter (1860-1942), Swiss linguist and Austronesianist” at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. 
2013 Take part in the:
•  International Workshop “East Africa and Early Trans-Indian Ocean World Interchange” at the Indian Ocean World Centre, McGill University, Montreal;
•  Conference “Cultural Transfers in Historical Maritime Asia: Austronesian-Indic Encounters” at the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. 
2014 Make a presentation “Islamic elements in the multiple historical roots of intellectual Bahasa Indonesia” as guest of the Academic Recharging for Islamic Higher Education Program at the Dept. of Southeast Asian Studies, Goethe University of Frankfurt (Main). 
2016 Take part in the:
Conference “Digital Disruption in Asia: Methods and Issues” at the Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, the Netherlands. 
2018 Make a presentation “A Revised View on Origins and Dispersal of the Austronesians” as keynote speaker at the 14th International Conference on Austrronsian Linguistics (14 ICAL), Antananarivo, July 17–20, 2018. 
2020 After several years of constantly worsening condition of my leftside hip bone, so that I could hardly walk anymore, underwent surgeric implantation of an artificial hip bone at the DRK clinik for orthopedy Westend on November 12. 
2021 Make online-presentation per Zoom: “Lexical roaming: how cognates of a word for ‘bronze adze’ were dispersed over China, India, Southeast Asia, and Polynesia” for the 15th International Conference on Austrronsian Linguistics (15 ICAL), Olomouc, June 28–July 2, 2021. 
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