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Images over Time
This is meant to become a kind of photo gallery with pictures of myself through the years, moving chronologically backwards from now till the year of my birth. 
One usually sees photographs as documentary evidence testifying to some momentary flashes of a past reality. But actually, this photo gallery presents an illusionary fairy tale that says just about nothing whatsoever about the life I really lived at any period of time. However, when Facebook thought it had to set up my "timeline" mock biography, I thought I should at least provide this somewhat less hilarious record. It is — easy to see — still under construction though.
2022 · 2012 · 199019481943
Me with Soe Tjen Marching from SOAS London. She gave me a copy of her newest book "Yang Tak Kunjung Padam" in which amongst others was an interview she held with me. 
(May 14, 2023)
Me taking part in a meeting of the community of mainly East -Asian senior migrants (GePGeMi). 
(February 11, 2023)
2020 · 2012 · 199019481943

Lola Amaria visited Berlin with preview of her film “Eksil” (the Exiles) in which I am one of the persons interviewed in the film.
above: me standing before the TV showing the film (the guy shown riding a bicycle there is me).
right: me standing with Lola Amaria..
December 29, 2022

Me stopping for a coffee at the Mönchshof café while cycling through Hasenheide. 
(June 18, 2022)
Me at the Photovoice meeting, stepping out+ side for some fresh air . 
(October 20, 2022)

Near the Siegessäule at the demonstration
in solidarity with Ukraine.
February 27, 2022

At Alexanderplatz at the start of another,
solidarity demonstration for Ukraine.
March 13, 2022
2019 · 2012 · 199019481943>
In June, two issues of “Wacana” Journal of the Humanities of Indonesia were dedicated as Festschrift in my honour.
I thank this particularly to Lilie Roosman, Susi Moeiman, Tom Hoogervorst, Aone van Engelenhoven, and Sander Adelaar.
This picture of me, holding the two issues, was taken at my Institute and placed online on the institute’s website.
(Photo: Birgit Holthaus)

Photo   of me riding a bike for the
first time after my hip operation,
February 21, 2021

My   first Covid vaccination
March 21, 2021

Fridays   for Future demonstration, Sept. 24,  2021
2021 · 199019481943

Photo   of me, sisters and in-laws in the Hague at mother’s grave,
January 25, 2020

Me   on bicycle at the Fridays for Future demonstration.
September 25, 2020

Me   before the rehab center after my hip implantation, December. 5,  2020
2020 · 199019481943
Pasport photo of me.
December 27, 2019.
  On Friday,
September 20, 2019
I took part in the
Fridays for Future
demonstration before
the Brandenburger Tor.
  On Sunday, June 23,
I was at the 2019
meeting of the
Indonesian Diaspora
in the EU.

With John Wolff in his apartment
when he was staying in Berlin.
March 8, 2019

With David Moeljadi in the Lypsius Building, Leiden,
11th International Austronesian and Papuan Languages and
Linguistics Conference, June 15, 2019
 2018  v
2021 · 2019 · 199019481943

Photo   of me by Albrecht Ropers,
August 7, 2018

With Aboeprijadi Santoso (Tosi) at the conference
“Recht und Gerechtigkeit, Indonesien 20 Jahre
nach Reformasi”, Berlin, November 11, 2018

At the Christmas party of the Indonesian
Ecumenical Society of Berlin and Brandenburg
in the Rathaus Zehlendorf, December 20, 2018
2020 · 2018 · 199019481943
Me taking part in the demonstration for science, against fake “truth”. 
(April 22, 2017)
2020 · 2017 · 199019481943
A complete family photo taken in The Hague just as Loesie was on visit from Havana an I was there from Berlin 
(August 12, 2014)
2019 · 2014 · 199019481943

At the Christmas party of the Indonesian Christian community
in the Rotes Rathaus (Berlin Cityhall).
December 20, 2012

With John Hajek at Checkpoint Charly.
November 3, 2012
(photo: Uri Tadmor, with my badly justified camera)
I attended a talk by former President José Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste, hosted by the German Society for international Cooperation (GIZ), and was just as deeply impressed as when I met him in 1998. One point he made, was that during the entire period of resistence, the Falintil (armed branch of Fretilin) never committed terrorist acts against Indonesian civilians.
As an Indonesian supporter of Timor-Leste independence since 1975, I later told him, I can only confirm that, because that had always kept my conscience clear in my support for their struggle. I had made a similar observation in an email of Sept. 26, 1999. 
September 28, 2012
(photos: left, me; right, Alex Flor)

Me and my sister Roeena on the left, former schoolmates of my sisters, and on the right my sister Kia and brother-in-law Carlos Nuñez, during the Pesta Rakyat (public feast) on the grounds of the Indonesian school in Wassenaar, which my sisters had been in.
September 1, 2012
(photos: Mike Patmo)
Sitting between Hoe Liang Tan and Sony Mayerheim at a dinner party in the house of Ellya Hermanto & Heinz Kull.
July 12, 2012
(photo: Weinij Tan)
Sitting beside Suripto Humardani and Sumrah Sudibyo at a lecture by Kristina Großmann in the Indonesian Embassy Rumah Budaya.
June 3, 2012
(photo: Rokan Affandi)
Barbecue party at the house of Mei Lan and Hoe Liang Tan (Alex Tanamal).
June 2, 2012
(photo: Harry Rustandi)
With my sisters and in-laws, niece and nephew, and cousins, at the Begraafplaats Nieuw Eykenduynen cemetery (at Kamperfoeliestraat, The Hague). My brother-in-law Mike Patmo and I are bent forwards, placing the urn with my mother’s ashes in the grave where it will lie with the ashes of her Aunt Ollie.
April 16, 2012 
(photo: Bob Fekkes)
In the lobby of the Berlin State Library building in Potsdamer Straße with other listeners wishing to attend Edwin Wieringa’s demonstration of ancient Indonesian-Malay manuscripts (as illustration for his lecture that would follow the next day at the library of the Indonesian Embassy)
On the far left: Education Attaché Yul Nazaruddin, with Thoralf Hanstein of the Orient division of the library. 
(March 24, 2012)
2019 · 2012 · 199019481943
Left: With sister Roeena and niece Wayta shortly before my mother’s coffin would be closed. — December 15, 2011

Right: At the cremation ceremony, at which my five sisters (here seated: Ricky, Kia, Roeena, Raya, Louise) and I (speaking) took turns to recount various episodes of my mother’s life, before she was cremated— December 16, 2011
(photos: Mike Patmo)

At the Centennial Ceremony of the Fritz Haber Institute, in the audimax of the Freie Universsität Berlin, with Department colleagues Sven Kubala, Marcel Krenz, Laura Foglia, Michele Puppin. 
October 27, 2011
(photo: Rainer Putzke)
Me, my sisters Louise and Ricky, brother-in-law Carlos Nuñez, sister Kia, cousin Bob Fekkes, sister Raya (sitting), at my cousin Fanny Fekkes' 65th birthday party.
April 23, 2011
(photo: Fanny Fekkes)
Having dinner with Roger Blench at the Tuk-Tuk Indonesian Restaurant in Berlin.
April 9, 2011
(photo: Suwido Sardjono)
At the demonstration at the Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, in protest against the massacre of Ahmadiyah followers in Cikeusik, Banten, West Java. 
February 15,  2011
2019 · 2011 · 197619481943
After the reconstruction of the Institute's Building A
(click here to see more)
our offices moved back into it again. That was then celebrated with a feastly inauguration party.  
December 13,  2011
Left: with a cup of coffee in my hand, I queue up for a slice of cake.
Right swallowing the last sip of coffee after having had the piece of cake.
(photos: Albrecht Ropers)
Nattha Jo, Frankie Farang Shpunzi, Stephen Murphy, Lanka Ranaweera, Hermine Xhauflair, Pimchanok Poy, Tom Hoogervorst, and me at the EurASEAA13 Conference in Berlin: September 27 – October 1, 2010.
(camera of: Pimchanok-Poy)
In front of Potsdammer Inn, getting my bike after having talked shop over lunch with David Hill.
September 4, 2010
(photo: David Hill)
At a picnic of the Indonesian community in the Tiergarten Park. 
May 9,  2010
(photo: Ardian Wicaksana)
Group photo of all the family and neighbors at my mother’s 90th birthday party. My mother is sitting in her wheelchair between my youngest sisters Kia (left) and Ricky (right). I am in the back row on the left. 
January 25,  2010
Pasport photo of
me. My old pas-
port was almost
expired, I had to
get a new one.
January 12, 2010
2019 · 2010 · 197619481943
Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Indonesian friends. Seated beside me is Ali Nasrun.
December 31, 2009
(photo: Sumrah Sudibyo)
At the Christmas Party of the Physical Chemistry Department, between Markus Düttmann and Philip Schambach.
December 14, 2009
(photo: Georg Heyne)
During the department’s “summer excursion” on a river cruising boat.
Right-to-left: 1st. row – Gerhard Ertl, Wolfram Däumel; 2nd row – me, Markus Düttmann; 3rd row – Jan-Christoph Deinert (standing), rainer Putzke.
September 14, 2009
(photo: Oliver Rudzick)
  At the 11th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics, June 22–26, 2009, in Aussois, France.  
  Left: A short pause during the excursion to the Parc Archéologique des Lozes on the 26th, with Aone van Engelenhoven, Alex Franois, Laurent Sagart, Wayan Arka, and Antonio Guerreiro (photo: Mike Pangilinan);  
  Middle: Wednesday banquet in the dining room of the Centre Paul Langevin on the 24th, with Scott Paauw, Philippe Grangé, Chandra Nuraini, Aone van Engelenhoven, and Joszef Szakos (photo: David Gil);  
  Right: We also worked, of course: here at the session in room 3 on language contact, on Tuesday the 23rd, with Liao Hsiu-chuan, Steve Quakenbush, and Mike Pangilinan (the speaker) (photo: Imanishi Kazuhiro);
2017 · 2009 · 197619481943
In my old office room on the 2nd floor of Building A shortly before the latter was evacuated for renovation.
October 13, 2008
(photo: Rainer Putzke)
2017 · 2008 · 1976 · 19481943
Me with Ida and John Wolff.
February, 2007
2017 · 2007 · 1976 · 19481943
2017 · 2007 · 1976 · 19481943

At   the wedding of Patricia Mooibroek with my nephew Emilio Valdez.
July 15, 2005

Me   with colleagues at the Institute summer feast,
July 20,  2005
2017 · 2006 · 197619481943
Riding on a river cruiser during the summer excursion of the Department of Physical Chemistry
(June 21, 2004)       
Photo of me in 2004
2017 · 2004 · 1976 · 19481943
Riding a boat in the Spreewald with the summer excursion of the Department of Physical Chemistry
(August 29, 2002)       
2012 · 2002 · 1976 · 19481943
During the Department of Physical Chemistry’s summer excursion organised by Joachim Schütze in July 2000.
Above: with my sisters in Kia and Idir’:s house;
right: and also with aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.
(Jakarta, early October 2000)
End of September at my father’s burial in Bogor.
I am helping to lower his body into the grave,
immediately next to the grave of his father,
my grandfather, Marzoeki Mahdi.
at Summer Feast Jul 2000
Passport photo May 2000
photo from automat April 2000
in TheHague Jan 2000
Passport photo
May 2000
  (D. Pommering /
/ Foto-Klinke)
This here is how a coin
photo automat at the
supermarket thought
that I looked like.
April 2000

At the FHI Sommerfest
July 2000
  (photo: Angela Ziebarth)
In the Indonesian Embassy,
The Hague, January 2000
  (photo: Ashari N. Krisna)
2010 · 2000 · 197619481943
During the Department of Physical Chemistry’s summer excursion organised by Joachim Schütze in July 1999.
With Pramoedya Ananta Toer, whose visit to Berlin I had helped organize
(June 1999)
2010 · 1999196719481943
Drinking coffee with colleagues.
2010 · 1997196719481943
Celebrating my 50th Birthday.
for which my family organized an excursion
to Thebaut Roche in the Ardennes.
2010 · 1993195919481943
With family on an excursion to the Burger Zoo in Arnhem
(March 1991)
At a garden party behind Joachim Schütze’s house.
(August 1991)
2010 · 1991195919481943
ID photos of myself, made in the period between 1978 and 1990.
2010 · 1990195919481943
I am now in the workgroup for heterogenous catalysis:
left to right:
Mike Wesemann, me, Zoltan Paál, Claus Rehren, Joachim Schütze, Klaus Grabitz,
group leader Robert Schlögl, Gisela Loose.
(I had added weight after having stopped smoking)
2010 · 1989196719481943
At the Bundesgartenschau beside my
workgroup leader, Prof. Hans Dietrich
(July 1985)
2010 · 1985196719481943
Me sitting beside joachim Schütze
at the Department Xmas party
(December 1984)
2010 · 1984196719481943
Me smoking a pipe.
(photo: Joachim Schütae)
2010 · 1983195919481943
Early photo of me after arriving in Berlin
2010 · 1977195919481943
Me at the doorway of the last apartment building where I lived in Voronezh.
(Summer 1976)
2010 · 1976195919481943
Winter with Vietnamese friends in Voronezh.
Me sitting in the woods near Voroneth.
2010 · 1968-75195919481943
In Leipzig: father.mother, sisters and me (above);
wedding of my sister Louise with Jesus Valdez (right),
me playing on my guitar (below).
2010 · 19671959195619481943
Rendi Naseh, me, Sugandi and Asrap in the Sokol hostel compound park (above), and me with my guitar behind me (right).
2010 · 19661959195619481943
Me with other Indonesian students in Moscow in the garden of the Indonesian embassy (above) and on the Red Square (right).
2010 · 1965195919481943
My grandfather Marzoeki Mahdi,
my father Izak Mahdi.
and me in Bogor.
(January 1963)
2010 · 1963195619481943
My photo on my Metro card
2000 · 1999 · 196119481943
Family photo at last Christmas
before I remained in Moscow when
my parents and sisters returned to Indonesia
2000 · 1999 · 195919481943
In August-September 1956 my father and I flew to Europe.
We stopped in Rome, Pompei, Bologna, Milan, Paris, London.
On the photo is me before the Milan Cathedral.
2000 · 1999 · 195619481943
Winter snow in Beijing together
with two sons of the Burmese
ambassador U Hla Maung
2000 · 1999 · 195319481943
Photo of me in Bangkok
practicing Siamese dancing.
2000 · 1968195319481943
The oldest photo of me
that I have.

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